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SURVIVE is on to verge of revolutionizing the Metaverse. It is a hybrid among live-movement and open-global video games. Think of GTA 5, with a three-D Metaverse wherein you could play totally for free and earn money.

SURVIVE is subsidized with the aid of using NFT Global, a good NFT platform. This partnership is prepared to disrupt the complete Metaverse recreation enterprise. Their purpose is to create a game that will have an effect on a whole era and convey play-to-earn video games into the mainstream.

The collaboration between a skilled game developer crew and a current crypto project (NFT Global) with a market cap of numerous million is a completely unique and peculiar combination, geared up to deliver a disruptive and innovative recreation to the market. In addition, NFTG has a big network of 200,000+ participants throughout all social media channels.

The worldwide gaming marketplace became worth USD 173.70 billion in 2020, and it is far anticipated to attain a fee of USD 546 billion by 2026. In 2021 alone, gamers spent a whopping 61,000,000,000 USD (61B USD) on in-sport objects however thay acquired nothing back. The gaming enterprise is big although flawed, constructed on one-sided fashions that restrict consumer possession. It’s time to extrade this, alternatively giving gamers possession and manage of their in-sport gadgets.

Over the months, we have witnessed visible exceptional boom in the crypto space internationally From Gala (GALA) doing a 480X, AXIE doing a 260X to MANA doing 63X. For example, in case you had invested 1000 dollars (1000USD) at the 1st of January 2021, you have been making multiples of 480, 260, and 63, respectively. I guess you don’t need to overlook a comparable possibility with SURVIVE.


SURVIVE will pre-sale beginning from twenty ninth of January 2022. With the $SURV token starting at the bottom feasible price. You may also be getting a 25% pay back to your funding instantly. Also, you will be enjoying a one million USD worth of $SURV dispensed to all contributors of the pre-sale.

SURVIVOR NFT Characters are an important element to watch out for as they release in March 2022. These NFTs can be really well worth over $100,000 or greater in the coming years.

Origin Of Survive Platform

Based in Switzerland, the SURVIVE group accommodates pinnacle recreation builders with 10+ years of experience developing video games with beautiful visuals and addictive gameplay, complemented with the aid of using a collection of blockchain & advertising specialists with knowledge in all components of blockchain technology. The group additionally includes veteran blockchain advisors with a portfolio of many a success initiatives.

With their highly professional and skilled group of over 20 participants, you could make sure that the group at SURVIVE is doing the whole thing to make your investments worthwhile.


“SURVIVE – Only one will last” is a completely unique open universal game initiated and developed in cooperation with the gamers and could constantly be updated. SURVIVE Metaverse is split into Meta City and No-Go-Area.

A decentralized self sustaining organization (DAO) governs Meta City, wherein $SURV token holders manipulate the schedule and vote on policies; for example, the guidelines on land auctions and what varieties of content material are allowed within the Metaverse. The aim is to construct an eco-device round Meta City that will be available on all systems like PlayStation Network, Apple App Store, Android Play Store, Mac, and Windows.

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