SONAR is the next-generation, dynamic platform that combines various features and tools found on different sites and platforms, needed for tracking, analysing and trading of crypto, in one place called the SONAR’s Ecosystem. SONAR platform is efficient, transparent and highly secure and even has the ability to detect scams in the crypto sphere relating to trading, all in a bid to help traders earn more, minimize trading risks, save more time and boost confidence.

The SONAR platform priorities user-friendliness and provides an easily customisable interface that fits any screen or device. Hence, with all these offerings, they can achieve their aim of accelerating the crypto market and ensuring a better digital economy.


SONAR provides it’s platform users with the following features:
1. PRICE ANALYTICS: This includes data feeds on current price on key exchanges, technical Analytics and charts, etc
2. ANALYTICS ON SOCIAL TRENDS: This involves smart gathering and aggregating of info, projects and trends on social media, and converting, analysing them with respect to their effects on crypto.
3. AUDITING AND VETTING OF CONTRACTS: This includes checking of audit certifications with respect to the sources, and displaying the scores on the system. Quality scoring is also done for contracts security via risks detection mechanisms
4. TRADING NOTIFICATIONS: Active and customisable notifications on fluctuations in price, crypto and decentralized exchanges listings, media news on assets release, blockchain trust issues, etc.
5. WALLET LIVE MONITORING/TRACKING SYSTEM: This includes ensuring fully transparent transfer a usage of developer wallets. Transactions on the wallet can be easily viewed and tracked on the website by any investor. This allows investors have a sense of confidence in the security of their funds, knowing fully well the movement of the funds on the Ecosystem’s roadmap.

6. UPCOMING FEATURES: SONAR's Upcoming features will include Trading Signals, Early Investment Opportunity Alert System (alerts on early users and news of potential investments opportunities), Trade Execution (direct trading through SONAR's built-in AMM features such as stop-loss/profit functions, and other important tools needed by a trader to plan and implement smart trading decisions). There will so be applications for mobile devices such as iOS and Android OS devices.


Like every crypto platform, Sonar platform also has its own central currency or utility token known as 'SONAR’, and the symbol or ticker is $PING. The token is based on the BEP-20 technology.


There will be 4 million PING tokens available for distribution. 31.7% goes to liquidity pool, 3.4% for holders reward, 4% each to founders and development/marketing, 2% set aside for innovative research, 0.79% for DXsale launch and 54.11% goes into token sale.


In order to achieve stability of token price, security and a transparent tokenomics, and trackability for the investors, a multiple-signature wallet system is used to secure the main fund wallets. Signatures on this multiple-signature wallets are handled by the platform’s executives. This way, all transactions can be easily monitored to ensure accountability concerning the usage and worth of investments.


The platform derives its revenue from 10 percent tax on transactions. This percentage is then redistributed in various proportions to major development funds and wallets. This facilitates the maintenance and development of the Ecosystem.


SONAR Platform is a very ingenious idea. With a well laid out plan, as outlined above, they will be able to bring significant development to the digital space and, specifically, crypto sphere.

The plan is reasonable, achievable and sustainable. The Utility token of the platform is SONAR token or $PING and it will serve as the central tool for running the system. 4 million tokens will be made available for supply which will be distributed into the necessary funds for development. Revenue will be derived from charging a tax of 10% on transactions.

Sonar is expected to succeed at aggregating tools and features on various platforms needed for tracking, analysis and trading, and setting them up on just a single place for the benefit of traders, and the digital economy at large.

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