PayMe: The Future Of A Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem


Defi also known as decentralized finance is a system like a cryptocurrency, is not run by the government or any secured body. It aids the peer-to-peer financial services of a public blockchain, for example, a trusted wallet.
The system of trading tokens using Defi is essential to the crypto industries, considered a relevant ecosystem in the virtual world.

The future of every decentralized game depends on this blockchain network called Defi. The world is going digitalized very quickly. Many individuals are looking for easy means to trade and earn money while performing one task or the other online with the hope of getting back that which they invest either time or money.

Defi aims to create an ecosystem that meets the needs of its populace in its community, to maintain and increase passive income.
People always want to know about the futuristic ecosystem that will give them more value and the possibility to earn daily. It has given room to build a game like a quiz on the Defi community, which has a future benefit that enables passive income earning when performing a task or answering a question like a survey.

Thus the development of the PayMe trivia Quiz console, designed for the Defi community, meets with all this futuristic target of its users and the world at large.
This quiz targeted favor users of payMe, testing their knowledge in three main fields such as sports, academic, and entertainment. These are the main interest of most individuals worldwide.


payMe is a decentralized project on blockchain technology targeted to build a community for all types of users, including different age grades and classes as to increase the market visibility in the real world. payMe has made an impact in the decentralized ecosystem.
payMe services are disclosed to its members that are eligible to participate in their various quiz tasks.

There are no charges involved in becoming a quizzer in this excellent ecosystem. All you need is to register to start building your future with this great community with a diverse feature in different means of making passive income.


Payme can be accessed by users through centralized and decentralized finance exchange systems.

There is no limitation for you not to participate in this future of gambling and gaming ecosystem with daily and weekly earnings.


  1. There are daily rewards for all quizzers, and winners liable to earn more.

2. They are developed on the BSC network. That is why it is easy to acquire in large volume.
$30,000 equivalent to payme token distributed every week to the best 800 most intelligent quizzers.

3. Token earn has a 100% value, used by gamers as a fee in the ecosystem, so one can easily trade it in the virtual world to get a real-world currency.


There are two main quiz games on this platform that makes it more flexible and compatible in participating which includes;
1. The lone daily contest: it is a multisubject quiz designed to last for 180 seconds, quizzers expect to show how intellectual and technical they are in answering a logical question on entertainment, sports, and academics can come in different forms.

2. The communal quiz: This quiz contains a soccer game where each competitor expects to answer soccer questions correctly. It is weekly with a reward rate of 200 to 300 usdt equal to a payme token.


The emergence of this token has created a well-decentralized system.
payMe token has fully absorbed the future of decentralized and centralized tokens in the virtual and real world.

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