What is Falcon Swaps?

Falcon Swaps is the satisfactory AMM+NFT decentralized change for new initiatives on Binance Smart Chain, offering a more pleasant buying and selling experience and higher task assistance. Falcon is the Future! As a Trader You will discover potential tasks on FalconSwaps early and accompany them to develop up to a big project through trading, farming, staking, etc. As a Project You will discover the first-rate assistance on FalconSwaps, which includes boom fund, arbitrage aid, pleasing activities, aid connection, pleasant display, etc.


Falcon Swaps Token is the main token that powers the Falcon Swaps ecosystem. You can earn Falcon Swaps Token from Trade Mining, Yield Farms, and Falcon Pools, purchase it on the exchange, then discover its use cases, which are:

  • Stake it in Falcon Pools to earn free tokens
  • Use it in Yield Farms to earn greater Falcon
  • Vote in Nest to assist tasks win boom fund

Falcon Swaps - A Decentralized Meme Token

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) have witnessed recognition now not just due to the hype of decentralized financial products (DeFi), but the rush to the decentralized trade Uniswap regenerated the controversy regarding the merits and demerits of decentralized and centralized exchanges (CEX). Many crypto fans are convinced that the market percentage of decentralized exchanges should boom drastically in few years to come. And the various established crypto exchanges also are presently running on a decentralized model in trading venues. This is enough reason to examine the features and presentation of the different kinds of exchanges.

Why DEX?

  • No KYC: A DEX, is out there and nameless to everyone. All that is requires to change on a DEX is a crypto pockets.
  • Unlisted tokens: There is no list technique on DeFi platforms. Essentially, any ERC-20 token may be released so long there is a liquidity pool for traders. So tokens that are not indexed on central exchanges can nevertheless be freely traded on a DEX, as far as there is delivery and demand.
  • No counterparty risk: The number one appeal with a DEX is they maintain no customer budget. Hacker attacks, which are not easily seen on centralized exchanges, cannot positioned customers at risk, and touchy private facts does not have to be disclosed.

Decentralized Unlike centralized exchanges like Binance, FalconSwaps would not keep your budget whilst you trade - you have got 100% possession of your tokens, and you may alternate immediately out of your pockets.

How To Earn FalconSwaps Token

  • Earn FALCONS and different tokens free of charge with excessive interest rates.
  • Earn FALCONS through Trade Swap any tokens on FalconSwaps, and you will get FALCONS as rewards for each trade.
  • Earn FALCONS through Yield Farms: Stake LP tokens to earn FALCONS. You get LP tokens through staking tokens in Liquidity Pools (LPs).
  • Earn tokens through Pools: Stake FALCONS to earn free tokens. Earn Trading Fees Like other AMM decentralized exchanges, you could earn trading fees when you stake your tokens in Liquidity Pools (LPs).
  • Growth Fund 0.05% buying and selling fees can be used to purchase FALCONS again as a weekly growth fund, rewarded to triumphing initiatives.

​How and Where to Buy FALCONS token?

FALCONS token is now accessible at the Binance mainnet and can be purchased on exchanges like Kucoin


It is advisable to be vigilant and trade securely especially throughout the duration of the launch. Don’t permit the pleasure get you into making bad decisions. Just make sure you have got sufficient BNB in your pockets to terminate the transaction costs.

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