How The Epik Revolution Will Transform The Different Sectors

The foundation of human civilization is knowledge. Everything we are right from time immemorial is based on what we know.
The different industries that constitute the global economy are based on knowledge. Yet, we have side-lined knowledge for nefarious reasons.
If this civilization is going to evolve, investment in knowledge is the only solution.
What Is The Epik Revolution?
No, the Epik revolution has nothing to do with the French Revolution; it does draw similarities in its transformation drive.
Epik Protocol is built on blockchain technology. The aim is to create a decentralized knowledge graph anchored on a distributed storage system. By making a decentralized knowledge graph cheaply available in all sectors of the global economy, Epik creates a revolution in these industries.
At the moment, the cost of accessing a quality knowledge graph is too great to be a standard in most sectors. Fortunately, Epik Protocol is changing all that.
A Look At How Epik Revolution Will Transform The Different Sectors
Diverse economies flourish due to the contributions of different industries towards growth.
Yet, these sectors barely break even due to a ballooning overhead; inefficiency bring them to their knee. Epik is building a decentralized on-chain knowledge graph. It’s the first of its kind. Once done right, the knowledge graph can help right the wrongs of the past.
Through the knowledge graph, Epik Protocol brings cognitive intelligence to fruition for the good of every sector.
A decentralized knowledge graph gets us closer to a more efficient AI. This is mostly seen in the data processing capacity of AI products.

Healthcare Delivery
Data is critical in the healthcare sector. Every department or unit relies on data to provide a patient with the desired quality healthcare.
A knowledge graph provides the enabling environment for access to such data whenever they are needed. This de-risks the situation as every second counts in an emergency.
Knowledge graphs are also quite influential in the development of medical applications, reducing the workload of medical personnel.
With the number of medical resources loaded into a knowledge graph, building a smart medical app is just a few steps away.
We can’t ignore the role of a decentralized knowledge graph in navigating treatment costs for patients.

Better Education Quality
Epik Protocol’s decentralized knowledge graph puts the educational sector on the path to greatness.
A decentralized knowledge graph is a perfect fit for machine learning algorithms.
This can make for a better learning environment. Imagine all the adaptive learning aids that students get to use; it’s definitely changing how they learn.
The educational sector is another haven of data. And just like the healthcare industry, this can be advantageous in the right setting.
The knowledge graph provides that right setting.
On Epik Protocol’s decentralized knowledge graph, an educational system relies on available data towards meeting the needs of the different stakeholders.
In such an educational center, a student’s learning ability can be monitored, curriculum improved, making the educational sector a thriving one.

Improved Civil Service
Bureaucracy is the Achilles of any government agency. Epik’s decentralized knowledge graph brings together the data of multiple government agencies. The result is a more viable civil service.
Managing all the data from government agencies is something a knowledge graph does better than any. The knowledge graph also facilitates the exchange of data between agencies, reducing the timeline of government actions.
A decentralized knowledge graph can be used to deliver smart applications that support government agencies in managing cities and towns. Humans are never easy to manage, but these smart apps make it happen.

Epik Protocol offers a decentralized knowledge graph that maximizes the use of the surplus amount of data in the manufacturing sector.
The knowledge graph helps make sense of the large chunk of manufacturing data. This is done using specialized techniques.
What you get in the end is a manufacturing industry that’s more efficient in its processes.

Final Thoughts
The existence of Epik Protocol redefines the operations of the different sectors. We can’t continue to have sectors working at half their capacity; it breeds inefficiency. Epik Protocol changes all that through its decentralized knowledge graph combined with a distributed storage system.

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