Enno Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that runs on mobile. It is a stable crypto wallet and gateway to decentralized finance. You can download Enno Wallet from App Store or Google Play.

The team’s task is to create an intuitive crypto wallet and allow crypto holders to maximise the incomes capacity in their crypto assets. The team is constructing a higher monetary gadget and naming it “Ennovation.”

You can use Enno Wallet to save and control your virtual assets, step into decentralized finance and earn hobby from algorithmic stablecoins, make decentralized swaps or attempt decentralized forex, lend or Borrow in a decentralized way. But, moreso, there is Enno Cash to reinforce your passive income.

What Is Enno Cash?

Enno Cash a.k.a $ENNO is a governance token of Enno Wallet. Enno Wallet customers will get hold of $ENNO tokens primarily based totally on the scale in their activities and their stocks of overall activities through different customers. Enno Cash holders might be capable of voting for the new and forthcoming updates of Enno Wallet.

Algorithmic stablecoin stakers, Asset lenders, and Enno Cash stakers are eligible to acquire every day Enno Cash rewards. The group will upload diverse reward-incomes capabilities in the future (e.g. prediction marketplace, liquidity providing). On the alternative hand, Enno Cash holders will vote to decide the weights of rewards for distribution in the future.

Early Bird Program for Enno Birds

Users who begin actively with the usage of Enno Wallet earlier than the token sale are known as Enno Birds. Early-chook rewards may be allotted among those customers in percentage to their staked Neutrino tokens and their deliver quantity on Liquidity Protocol for Lending and Borrowing Assets.

The Early Bird software will remaining till the token sale. A overall of one mln $ENNO tokens are reserved for early-hen customers. The early-chook rewards can be unlocked progressively inside years after the launch, on a per-block basis. Early-chook’s $ENNO quantity will boom with every new block and early-birds can be capable of declaring their unlocked tokens on every occasion they want.

You can begin staking and providing liquidity inside Enno Wallet now to get counted in while the early-hen duration starts.

Enno Cash Value

Enno Cash token market fee can be pushed via way of means of delivery and demand. Enno Wallet group will generate sales from;

  • Token listing.
  • Third party decentralized finance applications.
  • Custom made decentralized finance applications.
  • LP tokens.
  • Staking protocol fees.
  • Crypto asset purchases with credit score or debit cards.
  • NFT Marketplace.

A part of sales may be used to buy back $ENNO tokens from the open market to boom the Enno Cash fee.

Enno wallet Swap

Enno Wallet customers can switch their tokens at once from their wallets. Are you interested? Let’s dive deep into decentralized swaps.

Enno Wallet swap permits you to instantl swap any asset that is supported on Enno Wallet to some other supported virtual asset inclusive of algorithmic stablecoins available on Enno cellular wallet. You can change from Bitcoin to Neutrino USD at an instance or Ethereum for Waves or Neutrino USD for Neutrino Euro. It is absolutely up to you.

Functions Of Enno Wallet

  • Enno Wallet fetches statistics from swop.fi that is an automatic market maker (AMM) that gives distinctive pricing formulation which might be maximum appropriate for every unique token pair. The unique Flat formulation is designed to lessen slippage in a couple of solid cash pegged to the identical fiat currency. The conventional Constant Product Market Maker components is used for different pairs.
  • Enno Wallet makes transactions at the Waves blockchain, making sure that transactions may be delivered to the blockchain in only some seconds and the community charge for a smart contract invocation is only some cents. Enno Wallet customers get the pleasant rate and lowest community expenses.

In current months the team has gotten visible pretty a large-scale adoption of decentralized exchanges. Decentralized exchanges or DEXs for brief provide greater buying and selling pairs and allow non-custodial swaps. This continues and make your price range more secure than ever! The team usually is conscious of ensuring that pleasant consumer enjoy maximum security. It is understood that access to DeFi packages can be democratized in order attain tens of thousands and thousands of customers.

Instantly Swap Assets On Enno Wallet

To swap crypto assets, observe these steps;

1- Tap the change button in the pinnacle center of your screen

2- Select switch pairs

3- Enter the quantity you need to switch

4- Click at the “Swap” button and allow Enno Wallet makes your immediate switch.

Enno Wallet Fees Structure

Enno Wallet charges “Zero” costs upon your switch. But, there are a few costs to make transactions at the blockchain.

Smart Contract price: A component of every exchange among 0.3% and 0.5% is going to liquidity providers.

Transaction price: A transaction charge is a charge that an account proprietor will pay to ship a transaction within the blockchain. It is only some cents regardless of how a good deal you switch.

To serve the quality DeFi experience, the team has set slippage tolerance to 0.1%. Large swaps are regularly difficulty to wild rate swings whilst there may be inadequate liquidity to be had on a specific pool. When swapping in Enno Wallet, the slippage tolerance is made constant to lessen slippage effect at the very last rate.


Enno wallet’s team aims for the excellent DeFi experience for all customers through constructing a single stop-to-cease experience. The team always lessen the friction for brand spanking new token customers, bringing greater number of human beings into the DeFi ecosystem.














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