Base Reward: Giving Africa’s Digital Space Renewed Lease Of Life

The consensus is that the African continent is blessed with enormous resources. The population is young and has this amazing enthusiasm in the digital space. Yet, a gigantic lacuna exists in the digital space despite the $29 billion projection for African e-commerce in 2022.
One of the less considered aspects of the digital economy of Africa is the gaming niche. With the youthful population of the African continent, it’s shocking this sector isn’t getting the attention it deserves. The gaming niche is projected to eclipse 100 billion dollars in the coming years.

How Base Reward Can Turn the Fortunes of Africa?

Base Reward is a decentralized platform that deploys the PoS consensus in redeeming the economy of the African continent. The project is poised to improve the quality of the African virtual space using blockchain and cryptocurrency.

One of the areas of focus of the project is the payment framework. Though mobile money and card payments are possible in certain African countries, they don’t offer some form of anonymity for users that prefer to remain in the shadows.

Base Reward’s financial solution provides this category of people with a chance to make their online transactions online using the BRT token, without revealing their identity.
Base Reward also caters to the gaming cravings of the African populace. Users of the platform can enjoy a wide collection of mobile games coupled with an efficient payment system that works round the clock.
The De-Fi protocol intends to improve on the growth of e-commerce in the African market thanks to the sterling attributes of the digital ledger. While Africa is aware of how efficient blockchain technology can be, the continent is yet to experience its many perks. Base Reward is focused on making that happen in the shortest time possible.

Cryptocurrencies might have existed for a while, but much of the effect hasn’t trickled down to the African continent. Few people in Africa enjoy the dividends of blockchain technology in Africa, and this is despite a country like Nigeria having the largest number of participants involved in transacting these cryptocurrencies.
Base Reward is set to change all that through its native token, BRT.

Services And Products Of Base Reward Protocol

Base reward is the top leading decentralized finance protocol currently in the space. Your first stop solution to e-commerce problems. We can not mention Base Reward without acknowledging it's products and services. I need you to get accustomed to this project and it's untilities.

Products And Services

Ever since the inception of Base Reward, the platform has progressed tremendously, becoming the DeFi and e-commerce hub. A few but not limited of their products will be succinctly explained below:

1. The BRT Token
BRT token is the native token of Base Reward. It is the governance token of the platform. What this means is that, BRT will power every activities of the ecosystem. BRT will serve as a bridge between holders and Base Reward. Of course, this token will also be used for several purposes some of which includes:

2. Staking purpose: Holders of BRT will be able to join the proof of stake mechanism. What this entails is that, with your BRT, you will be able to earn by staking your tokens on the Base Reward platform. APY is promising and huge.

3. Buying And Selling: It is worth noting out that with BRT, holders will be able to make buy and sells online. As long as the merchant is integrated into Base Reward platform. This is indeed a one of its kind. The first token with viable use cases.

4. BRT Is Tradeable/Instant Swap: BRT is already being traded in few exchanges. The team promises to list BRT is top tier exchanges as the platform progresses.


5. Visa/Master Card: This is yet another product of Base Reward. Holders have be able to make purchases and trades simply with their Visa cards. Isn’t this amazing?


6. E-commerce Platform is yet another outstanding product and service of Base Reward. You know why? Because holders of BRT and investors alike will be able to buy and sell goods online. There is also be whoop discounts attached.

7. Base Reward Wallet/APP: Holders and users of the Base Reward wallet will get to earn some returns for every transaction carried out on the platform. You can check the image below,

The De-Fi protocol gives Africans the chance to earn passive income on transactions done on the platform. It’s a first for a continent that’s playing catch-up on innovation.
Through Base Reward, you can stake BRT and stay confident of the cryptocurrency remaining right at the top of the table. This is largely due to the different mechanisms put in place to ensure BRT retains the confidence of investors. These techniques include the fee-sharing formula, the buyback and burn initiative as well as the voting system.


Base Reward can put the African continent on the map. As amazing as this might sound, there’s a lot of challenges ahead. The African continent does have lots of bureaucracies, which might jeopardize the amazing plant of the Base Reward. Yet, the mouthwatering opportunities are too hard to ignore.

For More Information About Base Reward, Follow their official websites below:




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